Create React Library


We'll use create-react-library CLI tool to generate our library project.

For this, let's first install create-react-library globally:

npm install -g create-react-library

Now run below command to generate our library project:


You will be prompted with couple of questions as below:


After the above command finishes. Notice the output's last few lines as shown below.


Actually if you cd into the folder and notice the content. There is one extra project inside folder named example, which is create-react-app application that you can use to test the component that you will build in the library.

To start developing,

  1. run npm start in the root folder of your project to compile your source code into dist folder every time you do changes in your library code.
  2. run npm start from inside of example folder to start serving the example project at localhost.


Now we have the servers running. Next thing is to understand src/index.js and example/src/App.js.
If you notice src/index.js it is right now exporting one component ExampleComponent and the same is being used in example/src/App.js.

If your library is supposed to export only one component. Then you are done here. Go on and start implementing your component in src/index.js.

Multiple components

In my case, I wanted to expose multiple components out of my library.

For this:

  1. I created a new file for each component under src/ folder.
    E.g. src/BasicCounter.js and LikeCounter.js.
  2. Then updated src/index.js file as below:
import {BasicCounter} from './BasicCounter'
import { LikeCounter } from "./LikeCounter";

export { BasicCounter, LikeCounter }
  1. Make the changes in example/src/App.js accordingly to test these components:

    import { BasicCounter, LikeCounter} from 'events-counter-react'

const App = () => { return (

) }

Thats it for this note!


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