2020 February 21st

Using Google Domain with Netlify

This blog is hosted on Netlify and the domain,, is a Google Domain. When I tried to configure Netlify with this domain as custom domain, Google Domain's console wasn't happy!

Google Domain Console

Email service was the one I didn't want to loose.

Below I'll explain, how I used Google Domain as custom domain with Netlify.


Add domain

  • Go to Domains page and click on 'Add or register domain' button.

Netlify Custom Domain

  • Then type your domain and click 'Verify'

Netlify Custom Domain Verify

  • Click 'Yes, add domain'

Netlify Custom Domain Add

Add DNS records

  • In this step, we'll copy MX records from Google to Netlify.

A mail exchanger record (MX record) specifies the mail server responsible for accepting email messages on behalf of a domain name ~ wikipedia

As shown below, MX records in Google can be found under 'Synthetic records' section on Google DNS page.
We'll copy records shown in the data column.

Google Domain MX Records

Back to Netlify, in the list shown in image below, we'll add MX records for email to work.
Click 'Add new record'

Netlify Custom Domain Add DNS

Google's data 5 will be broken into priority value for Netlify.

Therefore 5 will be priority and will be data as shown in the image below.

Click 'Save' .

Netlify Custom Domain MX Record

Repeat the step for all the MX records and result should be as below:

Click 'Continue' .

Netlify Custom Domain Add DNS

Activate Netlify DNS

In this step, we'll configure our domain to point to Netlify's DNS servers.

Copy the DNS servers from Netlify to 'Nameservers' section of DNS page in Google Domain Console. Select Use custom nameservers to add DNS servers.

Google Domain Custom Nameservers

Click on 'Done' to finish.

Netlify Custom Domain Done


Domain test

Make sure everything is working by navigating to each possible URL combination like:

  • http without www
  • http with www
  • https without www
  • https with www

DNS settings can take 24hrs to propagate.

Email test

Try sending an email to the email alias or your GSuite email.

In my tests, URLs with www didn't work. But email was received successfully.

To solve this, I had to click 'Renew certificate' button under Settings → Domain management on Netlify


  • We configured Netlify's DNS servers in Google Domain Console. So that our domain can point to Netlify.
  • Also, We configured Netlify with MX records from Google Domain Console. So that our email continues to work.