2020 February 12th

Part1: Introduction


I have been using OneNote to collect technical notes and for blogging. The idea of combining both of them has been bugging my mind since the day I was introduced to Github Pages.

So the idea was to build a static website, where I can keep my notes.


1. Markdown

Considering the content lock-in I've seen while using Blogspot. I decided to use markdown files for the post content. Even further, I decided to store these markdown notes files in a separate Github repository than the blog's source code repository. More on this in future posts.

2. Gatsby

ReactJS based static site generator with a huge user community and a great number of plugins.
Very awesome markdown support.


The obvious choice in comparison to Github-Pages for the ease of convenience.

Tutorial series outline

In this tutorial series, we will

  • start by

    • setting up a basic markdown blog without worrying about the looks.
  • then

    • deploy our blog to Netlify.
  • at last,

    • focus on enhancing the looks. [never ending process...]

Get set, go!

In this series, I'll write about each step in the journey of building this blog.